October 26, 2021

Part 19 in the 7″ played alphabetically series on Gulls Window Circus continues catch-up on the letters A-E, which started in 2018. I had so much fun with this one – I think there is a certain rhythm when you play nothing but 7″ singles – same as a 12″-only show or LP tracks show, each have their identity. There are many one-single wonders in this show, which I point out as I introduce each. Special attention to: The Blackouts, Broadcast (not the UK Broadcast, this one is from Kansas), The Desert Wolves, DIAMONDS (almost Echo & the Bunnymen epic in reach), Domino Rally With Magnus Lawrie (Urusei Yatsura is the backing band), fond Boston history with Dub 7, and sublime closer East River Pipe.

Domino Rally

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Articles Of Faith I’ve Got Mine Wait Wasteland Records
Atila Africa 2 Fish Ranch Records
Beatnik Filmstars 50/50 Split Pink Noize Slumberland Records
Biff Bang Pow! Fifty Years Of Fun Fifty Years Of Fun Creation Records
The Blackouts The Underpass 528 Seconds Modern Records
Blatant Dissent The Catalysts / They, They, They Is There A Fear? Landmind Records
Broadcast Zero Hour Untitled EP Fresh Sounds Inc
Can You Imagine? Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep Melody And Car Parts JukeBox Records Music Company
The Desert Wolves Love Scattered Lives Love Scattered Lives Optic Nerve Recordings
The Deviants Let’s Loot The Supermarket You’ve Got To Hold On Munster Records
DIAMONDS Cry We Will Always Be Alone Custom Made Music
Disco Junk Mutual Hate Underage Punk HoZac Records
Disco Volante No Motion No Motion Medical Records LLC
Distraction Boys Pay Off The Cops Live On Ave. B Cryptovision
Disturbed Furniture Information Information Disturbed Records
Ditch Croaker Monkey Wild Monkey Wild Fine Corinthian

Artist Song Release Label
The Bucaneer’s I’m A Fool You’re Never Gonna Love Me Anymore Amigo
Cash & Skye Sweeping Wet Floors No More Candy Third Man Records
The Fabulous Courettes R.I.N.G.O R.I.N.G.O Damaged Goods
The Dogmatics The Ballad of Wilbur Ross She’s the One Rum Bar Records
Domino Rally With Magnus Lawrie Art School Cool Art School Cool Modern Independent Records
The Dots Interstellar Overdrive How To Write A Pop Song AAI
The Dragons Together Surfin’ Again Wildcat Discovery Records
The Dream Syndicate The Ballad Of Dwight Frye Bob And Ornette And Ted And Alice Forced Exposure
Drill Happy Home Happy Home Flying Nun Records
Dub 7 Gavel Groove Gavel Groove Core 4 Records
Ducks Unlimited Annie Forever Get Bleak Bobo Integral
Dump Living On The Moon You & I 18 Wheeler
Duochrome Theremin Neon Ground Effects Dada Records
East River Pipe Psychic Whore Make A Deal With The City Hell Gate

7" played alphabetically

The original series:

  1. #319: Adverts - Angel Corpus Christi
  2. #320: Angry Samoans - Bakamono
  3. #321: Band of Susans - The Bishops
  4. #323: Black Barbie - David Bowie
  5. #324: David Bowie - Butterglove
  6. #325: Cake Like - Chia Pet
  7. #326: Chickita - Common Thread
  8. #327: Comet Gain - Damon & Naomi
  9. #337: Dalek I - Deluxx
  10. #338: Dexys Midnight Runners - Driver UFO
  11. #357: Drinking Woman - Electric Chairs

B-sides of Floor Filler 7″ played alphabetically:

  1. #352: The Action Suits - Lizzy Mercier Descloux
  2. #353: Dexy’s Midnight Runners - Girlfrendo
  3. #354: The Go-Betweens - The Records
  4. #355: Mott The Hoople - The Records
  5. #356: Revelons - The The

Tightly scoped 5-week A-Z:

  1. #367: The Action Suits - The Detroit Cobras
  2. #368: The Deviants - Bert Jansch
  3. #369: Japanese Girl - Permanent Clear Light
  4. #370: Politrio -The Tea Set
  5. #371: Ted & Ray - Zelators

The original series re-visited 3 years later, starting from 'A' once again:

  1. #487: A Certain Ratio - Capri
  2. #489: Cassie - Denim
  3. #490: The Desert Wolves - East River Pipe
  4. #491: East Village - The Ex
  5. #492: Expelaires - Fluffy
  6. #493: Fabric - Furtips
  7. #494: Aaron Frazer - The Girls
  8. #495: Girls With Credit Cards - Grace Budd
  9. #496: Green Seagull - Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins
  10. #497: Hanterhir - Heroin

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