November 16, 2021

Part 27 in the 7″ played alphabetically series on Gulls Window Circus runs from Fabric to Furtips, with (as usual it seems) a slight side-trip into bygone letters to catch up with new finds. One such side-trip is the final Ed Gein’s Car single, which sees them expand their sound palette, and predicts later Scott Weiss bands such as Iron Prostate and Oscar And The Pidgin Sisters. A joy to hear the fist Flying Nuns – the Boston band, not the NZ label – single. All 6 singles in the For The Love Of Jesus series are played and sounds pretty darned fine. NYC babd 4 Skins – no relation to the UK Oi band, are here. New French music from Fotomatik, Gulls Window Circus favorites Further, and the inimitable Free Design.

Ed Gein's Car

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Artist Song Release Label
Action Patrol Bike Cop B Is For Bombard Assorted Porkchops
Ed Gein’s Car Naked Man Naked Man Vital Music
Fabric Feel Good Hit Of The Year Feel Good Hit Of The Year Machination Records
The Factory Try A Little Sunshine Try A Little Sunshine Solution Records
Faz Waltz Grown Up Guy Grown Up Guy Spaghetty Town Records
Flying Nuns Disco Dancing Queen Disco Dancing Queen Summerville Records
Flying Saucer Attack Land Beyond The Sun Land Beyond The Sun Drag City
Fontaines D.C. I Don’t Belong A Hero’s Death Partisan Records
Formula One Big Eye Stare Big Eye Stare Václav Records
Elmore Williams Hoopin’ & Hollerin’ For The Love Of Jesus – Chapter One Sympathy For The Record Industry
T-Model Ford I’m Insane For The Love Of Jesus – Chapter Two Sympathy For The Record Industry
Frank Roach Alabama For The Love Of Jesus – Chapter Three Sympathy For The Record Industry
Cedell Davis Keep On Snatchin’ It Back For The Love Of Jesus – Chapter Four Sympathy For The Record Industry
Robert Cage Liza Jane For The Love Of Jesus – Chapter Five Sympathy For The Record Industry
Junior Kimbrough All Night Long (Instrumental) For The Love Of Jesus – Chapter Six Sympathy For The Record Industry

Artist Song Release Label
Robert Forster w/ Jherek Bischoff & String Quartet In Her Diary People Say Slowboy Records
4 Skins When I’m Gone I’m Mad Beatnote Records
14th Wish I Gotta Get Rid Of You 14th Wish HoZac Records
Fotomatic Take A Ride Bipolarity Pop Supérette
John Foxx 20th Century Burning Car Metal Beat
Chris Free A Mad Affair A Mad Affair EP Spinout Nuggets
Freeboy What Are Friends For? Rocketship Plastic Cowboy
The Free Design My Very Own Angel Christmas Single 1 Siesta
The Freed Unit Widdershins Widdershins Pickled Egg Records
From Bubblegum to Sky Hello Hello Hi My Thousand Years With Robots Eenie Meenie Records
Fuck Monkey Does His Thing MonkeyBeautyShotgun Rhesus Records
Fugu F1 F31 Elefant Records
The Fun Boy Three Summertime Summertime Chrysalis
Further Surfing Pointers Surfing Pointers Christmas Records
Furtips Found Pitched Up Twinkle Ajax Records

7" played alphabetically

The original series:

  1. #319: Adverts - Angel Corpus Christi
  2. #320: Angry Samoans - Bakamono
  3. #321: Band of Susans - The Bishops
  4. #323: Black Barbie - David Bowie
  5. #324: David Bowie - Butterglove
  6. #325: Cake Like - Chia Pet
  7. #326: Chickita - Common Thread
  8. #327: Comet Gain - Damon & Naomi
  9. #337: Dalek I - Deluxx
  10. #338: Dexys Midnight Runners - Driver UFO
  11. #357: Drinking Woman - Electric Chairs

B-sides of Floor Filler 7″ played alphabetically:

  1. #352: The Action Suits - Lizzy Mercier Descloux
  2. #353: Dexy’s Midnight Runners - Girlfrendo
  3. #354: The Go-Betweens - The Records
  4. #355: Mott The Hoople - The Records
  5. #356: Revelons - The The

Tightly scoped 5-week A-Z:

  1. #367: The Action Suits - The Detroit Cobras
  2. #368: The Deviants - Bert Jansch
  3. #369: Japanese Girl - Permanent Clear Light
  4. #370: Politrio -The Tea Set
  5. #371: Ted & Ray - Zelators

The original series re-visited 3 years later, starting from 'A' once again:

  1. #487: A Certain Ratio - Capri
  2. #489: Cassie - Denim
  3. #490: The Desert Wolves - East River Pipe
  4. #491: East Village - The Ex
  5. #492: Expelaires - Fluffy
  6. #493: Fabric - Furtips
  7. #494: Aaron Frazer - The Girls
  8. #495: Girls With Credit Cards - Grace Budd
  9. #496: Green Seagull - Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins
  10. #497: Hanterhir - Heroin

One thought on “#493

  1. Allen K

    Recently moved back to the Boston area and experienced the joy of randomly flipping through radio channels on the drive back home from work and hearing your familiar voice and great tunes. You trained me on how to operate the DJ tables at WHRB – glad to see that you are still doing what you love.


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