Dalek I, The Dambuilders, Dame Darcy With The Coctails, The Damned, R.L. Crutchfield’s Dark Day, Dark Sarcasm, DAT Politics, The Dawgs, Dawson, Peter Dayton, Chris Stamey And The dB’s, The Deadbeats, The Dead Boys, The Dead C, Dead Or Alive, Death, Death In The Shopping Malls, Deerhoof, Don Dietrich, The Delgados, Delicate Vomit, Delmontes, Delta 5, The Delta 72, Deluxx

July 10, 2018

Listen to this show – Part Two appears further down the page

Part One
Song Artist Release Label
We’re All Actors Dalek I The World Vertigo
Shrine The Dambuilders Shrine spinART Records
Band Aid Box Dame Darcy With The Coctails Tardvark Hi-Ball Records
The Great Molasses Flood of 1919 Dame Darcy With The Coctails Tardvark Hi-Ball Records
Don’t Cry Wolf The Damned Don’t Cry Wolf Stiff Records
Hands In The Dark R.L. Crutchfield’s Dark Day Hands In The Dark Strike It From The Records
Hollowlands Dark Sarcasm Lego Facilities Gravity / Vinyl Communications
Pâta Jet DAT Politics Pâta Jet Bottrop-Boy
Shot Of Your Love The Dawgs Shot Of Your Love Greenline
Whistle Shunt Symmetry Dawson Small Eared Rank Outsider Earth Summit EP Project A Bomb / Gruff Wit Records
Back In My Arms Peter Dayton Back In My Arms Epic
(I Thought) You Wanted To Know Chris Stamey And The dB’s (I Thought) You Wanted To Know Car Records
Kill The Hippies The Deadbeats Kill The Hippies Dangerhouse
Not Anymore The Dead Boys Tell Me Sire
Power The Dead C Mighty / Power / Peace Forced Exposure
Part Two
Song Artist Release Label
Peace The Dead C Mighty / Power / Peace Forced Exposure
Some Of That Dead Or Alive The Stranger Black Eyes Records
North St. Death North St. Drag City
Purpose Death In The Shopping Malls (Man On A) Tight-Rope / Purpose Modern Methadone Records
Ishi-Sister Deerhoof Return Of The Wood M’Lady Kill Rock Stars
Chinese Root Letter Don Dietrich Chinese Root Letter Ecstatic Peace!
Monica Webster The Delgados Monica Webster Chemikal Underground
Little Bird Delicate Vomit Little Bird / She Loves To Sing Underwear
So It’s Not To Be Delmontes Don’t Cry Your Tears / So It’s Not To Be Rational Records
Shadow Delta 5 Shadow PRE Records
Got A Train To Catch The Delta 72 On The Rocks Kill Rock Stars
Spreadable Deluxx Spreadable Lissy’s Records

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